Hillary and the coffee machine

Must be an Obama supporter, lol


McCain and 100 Years in Iraq

McCain the RNC complaining about the DNC ad shows just how disingeuous the Republican party is

The ad in question:

MCCain never said where the cutoff point is, US soldiers are dying today and they could be dying in 100 years; where is the point where we say enough?  McCain hasn’t stated whether such a point exists.

War News

1073 Iraqis died in April (march had 1083), so the past two months have killed about 2/3rds of the people who died on 9/11; people who had nothing to do with the attack, so much for US making Iraq a better place

Fed cuts rates again

Fed cuts rates, claims last one for a while

My take:  I don’t buy it, consumer confidence and housing prices are down, foreclosures are up and the economy is stagnating with only a .6% growth rate in GDP. I think the claims of no more cuts, is too keep the dollar from free-falling and oil prices from rising above $120; its a PR move, nothing more.

Al-Qaeda reconstituting strength in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Some hilarious political cartoons

McCain continues to oppose Webb’s plan to help the troops

McCain proves once again that he is wrong for this country:


Politico reports today that Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “are locked in an increasingly intense debate over a shared value: education benefits for veterans.” McCain has made “himself a target by refusing to endorse Webb’s new GI education bill and instead signing on to a Republican alternative.” McCain has charged that Webb’s Senate staff “has not been eager to negotiate” on the bill. “He’s so full of it,” Webb replied, adding, “I have personally talked to John three times. I made a personal call to [McCain aide] Mark Salter months ago asking that they look at this.”

My take:  McCain continues to pander in the public eye but refuses to back it up with real substance, he really is following Bush